Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I gave birth to you
And my milk will give you life
You are my first borne
Very special.. and a gift of God

I will cherish you forever…….

You rest your head on my heart
Your heart, beats along with mine
And as you sleep on.. trusting me
I let the dreams of tomorrow shine

I will love you forever………

Oh Yes! The cruel world has taken all away
But I am not shattered
My baby is in my arms
I still hold all that matters

We will belong together forever……

My heart fills with untold joy
As I watch you play in my lap
Your smile shines at me; young and sweet
And fills my life's every gap

We'll be bound by this love forever……..

One day you will be a grown up
And will hold your own bundle of joy
My child; you will also feel the same things
And this chain of love will never die

This love will pass from mother to child forever……


Gopal said...

Nice poem Paridhi... Keep it up.

Ravish said...

well thought and described..keep it up..!!
would have been brilliant if it would havet that effect in which we try to make last words of alternative lines sound similar

John said...

i want to be a link in that chain.....

G.S. said...

mind blowing.