Friday, February 9, 2007

me again!!

I am ambitious...I am loyal..I am honest...i speak out about things as I see them...I seek hope..i seek glory..I seek fame and fortune!!beleive me..I am BORN To WIN....I plan to earn all of the above through hard work. Lies and Deciet don't work for me.I believe in God..In culture..In family values..and I beleive in magic, love, faith..I love laughter, and i respect tears. Both are powerful, both are necessary.I am a dreamer, a nature animal lover. I am a i stumble often, but never when it comes to character.... I like challenges..the more the merrier.hmm..Success is very important to meI need to be needed..I need to be trusted....that's the way I am made..I will not make your life peaceful.. but i will definitely make it interesting and rewarding...with 1000 shades of me.......that's a promise for friends... :)

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