Wednesday, January 24, 2007

that's me again!!, I have to cover 26 yrs of life in few words. It is difficult for some, and impossible for me..anyway, I am an individual for whom life means ambitions, dreams and hardwork.I am fiercely competetive..but never with others around me.. I compete with be more today than what I was yesterday....believe me..this sort of competition is tougher, coz you can't really cheat. I am definitely arrogant..I have developed that trait with meticulous practice..reason? I find people listen to arrogant people, and I love to be listened. I bark often and bite too...and in my case, my bite is worse than my bark.. I like people who dare to laugh at me on my face..I do not mind jokes cracked on fact, I enjoy them..but do not be good on my face and insult me behind my back....if i come to will pay...hehehehehe.....i believe in straight talking...i am often harsh with others..but i am harsher on myself.
hmm. so that's another part of me.

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Jaya said...

You have amazing ability to express, write on!