Friday, January 12, 2007

about on 11/ 01/ 2007

How does one define herself? I feel it is always a bit biased. anyway. here it goes...
I am some one with little patience...i always burn my mouth while drinking hot drinks......i am a firm believer in fast work..give me a job..tak tak tak's finished...that's why i make a valuable employee..i am really loyal..i stand by what i promise..i honor my words..i do not lie and abhor those who do....i am a nature lover...i like to be a bit away from the crowd....i am a dreamer who dreams impossible dreams...i am a saggie so i stumble a lot, never when it comes to character though.
I am cynical sometimes...hey!! and i am not at all an easygoing can call me impossible, driven exasperating, annoying, focused..but never easygoing. friendship with me is not easy.
i have strong beliefs.....i am resistant to change.....i adjust for those with who adjust for me..
what else to write..i will change it again anyway!!

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