Sunday, January 13, 2008

To Love or Not To Love--- That’s the Question?

Unpredictable are the paths of love;
The twists and turns all a tangled web,
Magical is the shine of love;
Golden, bright and warm….

The journey on this path is adventurous;
It needs hope faith and courage.
Hope of finding, faith in loving
And courage in sustaining the love….

Is love blind?
I think it is… blind to reason, blind to future.
Love is rarely kind….
It hits, it holds and it usually escapes before being found

Deceitful, cunning and quick,
Methods of working are many for love.
Should then not it be wise to tarry not in matters of love?
Let the heart be peaceful; let its beats slumber..

But how to control a mind which dreams
How to stop the eyes from the vision?
How to freeze the heart which yearns
For another heart which beats on same rhythm.

So the heart soars, and leaps and bounds
Cheerfully seeking its destination
Goaded on by yet another dream
Backed fully by yearnings untold

Think not of expectations
Hope not for returned favors
Don’t hold on to your heart
Just because of your fear of future

Stop it not.. Let it go
For what is to be; will be
Loving is not a weakness.. not at all
Love and love with generosity.

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