Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The handsome male

He is handsome, one of the best males made by God. He has black-blond hair, with a tendency to curl. And his eyes? They are awesome, the color of honey and gold.
He has a silly grin.
He is powerful, has very strong white teeth, he has sharp ears. He is so energetic; but he is gentle.
He has a great sense of humor; you can see it in his eyes that he is up to something.
All in all he is great company. Makes you feel so good.

He has an open heart and he is not afraid to show his love. If he loves you………. he will follow you to the end of the earth……..well, ok.. till the bathroom.

Bathroom? Yes!! Oh
Forgot to mention.. he is Leo, my baby doggie
He is 11 months old, weighs 35 Kgs and is built of strong bones and solid muscles. He likes to jump at you the moment you park your vehicle. So now, when I park the vehicle I wait for him to come and jump at me. It is disappointing when he doesn’t.

He has a way of running. I call it “happy running” he will come running to meet you. Mouth open teeth shining, tongue hanging, ears flopping, eyes rolling, head rolling, body rolling, tail wagging……ohh the sight. He fills my heart with such strong love as I never had for any other dog. There is no end to his grace when he runs.

And there is no start of his grace when he is not running. J
He will flop down on floor like a bag of bricks. He pants all the time. Makes such weird noises that you gain respect for dog’s throat. Sometimes he farts and seems very happy about it too.

Some days I miss him very much. When having him near me would have been so comforting. Hmm maybe I will tell you his life adventures
Would you like it?

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John said...

that is such a beautiful story about leo-you have an impeccable way with the english language it is to say the least- breathtaking.please i would like to hear all about his adventures ,trials and tribulations as he gets older i will be checking and commenting often ok so please keep me tell a seemingly mundane story with so much passion and color simply amazing with such a vivid imagination i want to see life thru your eyes