Wednesday, June 11, 2008


A lady with a gentle nature, lovely smile, beautiful eyes, even more beautiful heart, hidden pockets of awesome strength, believer in God, truth, honesty and good will.. Add a dash of wicked temper, a steady hand in dealing with people, utmost love for children, and full trust in her daughters.
That’s how I will define my ma. If I look back over the years which we had together, I can convincingly say she was my mother, my father, my sister and my friend. In fact, she was my best friend.
I remember the way home felt just because she was the center, the way food smelled when she cooked it. The way problems looked small when they could be shared with her, the easy laughter, the freedom to speak out the mind; and the lash of her tongue is something terribly wrong was done.
I remember days when we cooked together, and washed clothes, cleaned our home once weekly, because rest of the days ma was at office and we were at school. I remember the way she combed our hair and told us tales. I miss the night time ritual of preparing for bed under her eagle eyes.
I also remember how soft she felt, and how strong was the sense of safety when she was present.
There were long summers when she arranged for us to learn 100s of arts, some she taught us, and what she could not teach us, she sent us places to learn. Money was tight, always, but she gave us the best possible childhood.
Its 3 years since her death, and I can still feel her near me. I just have to close my eyes and wish that she was here. I miss her terribly and just wanted to wish that I get her as my ma, so that I get a chance to do better by her in the next life.
This is a small trip down the memory lane to show gratitude for being blessed with the world’s best mom.

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